Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Strong opinions weakly held - a framework to action and correction

Strong opinions requires courage and backed by action.
Weakly held requires courage to admit being wrong and correcting that action once proven wrong.

I heard people criticise Soros for flip flopping.

flip flopping is changing your mind to and fro without action.

a personal story from coding horror -

they advise people to have “strong opinions, which are weakly held.”  They've been giving this advice for years, and I understand that it was first developed by Instituite Director Paul Saffo.  Bob explained that weak opinions are problematic because people aren’t inspired to develop the best arguments possible for them, or to put forth the energy required to test them. Bob explained that it was just as important, however, to not be too attached to what you believe because, otherwise, it undermines your ability to “see” and “hear” evidence that clashes with your opinions. This is what psychologists sometimes call the problem of “confirmation bias.”