Monday, August 8, 2016

Singaporeans happy among disinflation?

such an academic score applied to a emotional context.
singaporeans are just simply miserable people who grumble all the time. we demand a reassessment!

The Misery Index, computed by adding inflation to the unemployment rate, gives Thailand a score of 1.11 percent, which is the best - or least miserable - for all 74 economies surveyed by Bloomberg. Singapore and Japan are close runner ups, with 1.40 percent and 2.70 percent, respectively. The U.K. ranks the 17th least miserable country while the U.S. takes 21st place. China follows closely in 23rd spot.
Disinflation is a sign that demand for goods and services is insufficient to match supply in an economy, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. global market analyst Satoshi Okagawa says. It encourages consumers to delay purchases until goods become cheaper, further lowering demand. In this deflationary spiral, wages will drop, Okagawa adds.