Friday, August 12, 2016

Fail More, Fail Faster, Fail Better & Uniqlo Boss Tadashi Yanai

Don't be afraid to fail. Fail More, Fail Faster, Fail Better.
When asked why he was not satisfied with being second or third, Mr Yanai retorted: “There's no option for us to say that at the Olympics, we're just aiming for the bronze medal. We don’t say that.
“We want to do our very best to get the gold medal,” he added. 
 Citing the UK as an example, Mr Yanai said that the 10 Uniqlo stores in London now have been doing “exceptionally well” and are “all making profits”. He points to Asia’s economic boom as the greatest stimulator for the company’s growth, adding: “What the Chinese (did) could also happen in Southeast Asia.”  
 “Right now, I don't need a successor who is like me,”
Mr Yanai said. “A job like this can't be done alone. Therefore, ideally, I would want to form a team to split all this work up with a good CEO, and this person will continue to direct operations,” he added.
And he is anxious to get them started working as a team. “I want to know if my team of successors can do a good job as soon as possible. I hope they could assume the role of protecting the company's interests.”