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CPFIS investment schemes

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What is CPF Investment Scheme?

The CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) gives you an option to invest your Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA) savings in a wide range of investments to enhance your retirement nest egg.
If you are not confident of investing on your own, you should leave your money in your CPF account which earns risk-free interest.

Who can invest under CPFIS?

You can invest under CPFIS, if you:
  • are at least 18 years old;
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt;
  • have more than $20,000 in your OA; and/or
  • have more than $40,000 in your SA.

How much CPF savings can I invest?

You can invest your CPF savings under the CPF Investment Scheme – OA (CPFIS-OA) after setting aside $20,000 in your OA. Likewise for CPF Investment Scheme – SA (CPFIS-SA), you will need to set aside $40,000 in your SA.
In addition, you can only invest your OA savings up to 35% and 10% of your investible savings* in stock and gold respectively, also known as the stock and gold limits. You may refer to the example on the computation of the stock and gold limits.
To find out the amount of OA and SA savings you can use for investment, you can:
  1. Login to CPF website using your SingPass to access my cpf Online Services – My Statement; or
  2. Access CPF Tools on your iPhone using your SingPass; or
  3. Visit any CPF Service Centres with your identity card.
*Investible savings refers to the sum of your OA balance and the amount of CPF you have withdrawn for investment and education.

What investment products can I invest in?

You can use your CPF savings to invest in the following investment products:
Investment products included under CPFISYou can invest using your CPF savings fromProduct InformationProduct Providers
Fixed DepositsYou can approach the fixed deposit banks for more information.
Singapore Government Bonds
Treasury Bills (T-bills)
Statutory Board BondsList of Statutory Board bonds an​d bonds guaranteed by Singapore Government
(Bonds included under CPFIS are indicated by a ‘Y’ under “CPFIS” column)

Bonds Guaranteed by Singapore Government
Unit Trusts (UTs)
Funds that are of higher risk are not included under CPFIS-SA
Investment-linked insurance products

Insurance products that are of higher risk are not included under CPFIS-SA
Endowment policies
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Up to 35% of investible savings can be invested in:
Shares (Shares, property funds and corporate bonds included under CPFIS are indicated by a ‘Y’ under “CPFIS” column)
Admission Criteria:
Property funds
Corporate Bonds
Up to 10% of investible savings can be invested in Gold:
Gold ETFs
Other Gold products (such as Gold certificates, Gold savings
accounts, Physical Gold)
Agent Banks
(However, if you wish to buy new gold investment, you may approach UOB as only UOB offers this currently)

For fund management companies which offer fund management account services, you may refer to this list of fund management companies (marked with footnote 2 within the document).​


What should I consider before investing?

All investments are subject to risk. Risk refers to the possibility of losing part/all of your investments due to financial market changes.
By understanding the risks associated with the various investment options, you can better decide on investments that best match your risk tolerance and personal circumstances. Here are some factors you should consider:
a.Risk Tolerance — Consider the amount of risk you are comfortable with and can afford to take. Are you able to handle temporary short-term losses in your investments? Do you have enough savings to absorb the investment risks? ​You can take the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire​ to better assess your risk tolerance.
b.Investment Time Horizon — Consider the duration of your investments. Do remember that your CPF savings are meant for your retirement. Hence, they are generally for long term purposes unless you are nearing retirement or have a short-term investment time horizon for other reasons.
c.Overall Financial Situation — Consider your financial commitments and the amount of money required to sustain your lifestyle during retirement. Do you have other assets set aside for retirement besides your CPF savings? How are these assets invested?

In addition, do consider the interest rates you earn on your CPF accounts. When investing your CPF savings, you should do so only if you are confident of earning more than the CPF interest.


How can I apply to use my CPF savings under CPFIS?

Open a CPF Investment Account with one of the following CPFIS agent banks with your CPF statement if you wish to invest your OA savings:
- DBS Bank Ltd (DBS)
- Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd (OCBC)
- United Overseas Bank Ltd (UOB)
There is no need to open any CPF Investment Account if you wish to invest your SA savings.
Thereafter, you can approach the product providers directly to buy or sell your investments.

After reaching 55 years old, how can I apply to withdraw my CPFIS investments?

You can apply to the Board to withdraw your CPFIS-OA and CPFIS-SA investments as well as the cash balance in your Investment Account so long as you have set aside the Full Retirement Sum or the Basic Retirement Sum with sufficient property charge/pledge in the Retirement Account.
Online using my cpf
  1. Login with your SingPass.
  2. Submit an online application via My Requests.
Within one working day from the day of receipt, your application will be processed and your agent bank and/or product providers will be notified.
  1. Download and fill up Application form for Withdrawal of Investment under CPF Investment Scheme.
  2. Mail it to:
    Central Provident Fund Board
    Investment Schemes Department
    238B Thomson Road
    #08-00 Tower B Novena Square 
    Singapore 307685
Within three working days from the day of receipt, your application will be processed and your agent bank and/or product providers will be notified.
Your agent bank and/or product providers will contact you to get more information in order to transfer your investments to you.

Special Discounted Shares (SDS) Scheme

What is Special Discounted Shares (SDS) Scheme?

The Special Discounted Shares (SDS) Scheme is part of the Government’s asset enhancement programme to make Singapore a share-owning society, thus giving Singaporeans a greater stake in the country.
Singaporean CPF members were able to buy Discounted Singapore Telecom (SingTel) shares in 1993 (ST "A" shares) and 1996 (ST2 shares). Members who held on to their discounted SingTel shares were entitled to loyalty shares.

How to sell or apply for withdrawal of your discounted SingTel (ST) shares?

​You can read more details on the sale and withdrawal of your discounted SingTel (ST) shares.