Monday, February 15, 2016

Dr Michael Leong

bigfatpurse review of dr michael leong's book.
Dr Michael Leong has recently passed away. I agree with most points in bfp's review of his book.

Wish to add that not all criteria/metrics of his philosophy can be met by the market at all points during a person's life. Time horizon is very crucial in this aspect because: are you only going to start at age 55 when everything happens to fulfill your criteria at that point in time?

Dr Michael Leong fought cancer.

Dr Leong's reply: "As shared in my article, I have been very careful with my diet and yet, I got the cancer. Hence, I doubt diet has anything to do with it. At this stage, I want to build up my body and frankly, will eat anything that I want. I know of lots of cancer patients who will swear by their new diets and I wish them well. At the end of the day, it is what you believe that is more important to you than to anyone else. 

"All of us have cancer cells in our body. In some, these develop into full blown cancer, in others, they just lurk in the background. No one knows why. Somethings we cannot explain and best not to think too hard about it and just live life as is."

R.I.P. Dr Michael Leong. Read his post on "When you have enough money..."

Money is very important when you start off in life. You need money to be comfortable in life. However, when you have enough money, you should thank your lucky stars as much of business is about luck. Also, after a while, any more money really does not make much of a difference. In fact, more money then can actually create more work, more stress and more unhappiness. Life is being contented with what you have and yearning for more may be asking for trouble.