Monday, May 9, 2016

The way you say it matters

To Sound More Intelligent:Speak just a bit slower than you normally do to give yourself time to select your most appropriate vocabulary and to give the impression of thoughtfulness.
To Sound More Powerful:Use short, simple declarative sentences. You say what you mean and you mean what you say. Cut out any useless connectors, adjectives and adverbs, especially superlatives (Fantastic! Outstanding!, etc.).
To Sound More Polished:
Avoid answering a question with a blunt “yes” or “no”. Append a short phrase of clarification.  For example, “No, I did not see it.”  “Yes, I know Mary.” Doesn’t that sound more courteous?
To Sound More Articulate:Make a special effort to pronounce the final sound in a word and use its energy to carry over to the following word. Readers of my book will recognize the principal of ‘linking’.  Pay special attention to final “t”. (I can’t_ever count_on him.)
To Sound More Confident:Carry your body in an upright posture. Hold your head as if you had a crown on it. Don’t let your arms and legs have side to side motion when you move. Keep your elbows and knees close to the midline of your body. Think “CEO” or “King” and you’ll probably get it right.

Bonus joke:

Woman: I would like a beef pudding with extra cream and anchovies, please.
Waiter: Madam! oh you can't have all those ingredients together in a pudding!
Woman: yes I can.
Waiter: no you can't.
Woman: why I never been so insulted!