Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Deadlines are the only cure for Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates, out of fear, out of laziness, out of instant gratification.

But really, the only cure I have found are deadlines. Deadlines put about a certainty to the limit of which we can procrastinate. Deadlines help trigger the panic monster.

When you don't have an natural deadline for completing a task, starting on a journey, fulfilling a dream. Or simply, something that feels important but that you can put off again and again, I found it helps to create a deadline. 

And this is how I do it:

I cross out a calendar 

Crossing out a calendar helps mark the passage of time.
Crossing out a calendar helps you recognize the approaching end of the month.
Crossing out a calendar helps you notice how much of a year has passed and how much you have left.
Crossing out a calendar tells you: YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!

But what if you have a huge goal or a dream you have not started on?

Make a bigger calendar to cross out.

Not much time left