Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Optimize Your Life By Optimizing your Phone in 2016 part 2

this is a loose followup to http://shiohmekiah.blogspot.sg/2014/01/optimize-your-life-by-optimizing-your.html

I am still using note 2 and my phone is still faster than most newer samsung phones. (i happen to have a larger set of friends who are samsung flagship phone users).

our HCIs are increasingly dominated by mobile phones so these are some of the tips I use personally:

  1. limit yourself to only 80 apps.
  2. keep only 1 game app - don't play so many games.
  3. install nova launcher - optimise nova launcher
  4. install advanced task killer - set to aggressive and screen off kill.
  5. use only static wall paper.
  6. uninstall twitter and facebook apps. - use chrome for twitter facebook. or use iphone.
  7. keep notifications only for needed communications - I only keep for email/whatsapp 
  8. uninstall all bloatware updates - or don't install them. samsung a lot.
  9. remove autoupdate for google play apps - I update when needed.
  10. uninstall clean master and iswipe and all the stuff that is promoted.

the following optimisations are specific to note II, you should be able to find your phone's equivalent:

Speed Up from Home Button - 
Double tap the home key > Press menu > Settings > Open via home key. It will remove the delay caused by the S Voice on using the home key between apps.

Stuttering Animations - 
Go to Settings > About device > Tap the build number 7 times > Go back and select Developer options > Turn off the Animations Scale options. This will disable the animation whenever you open apps on your device.