Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Changing purpose of Malls: from Retail to Purpose driven

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nice one.
the key difference is location and transportation.
catchment areas for malls in singapore and public transportation is very different from other countries and big countries.
hence they can serve multipurpose. i agree with your post.
btw kyith, this is what I meant by "I think there is a case for a entry in REITs when you notice a changing mix in malls."

Indonesians malls have similar catchment areas but damn the public transport and their shopping schedules.
US malls have problematic catchment areas and transport too.
interestingly, amongst the places I visit, I found conditions in Hong Kong and Guangzhou more similar to Singapore.

key points.

  • Tech SavvyMalls will need to remodel to focus more on food-and-beverage outlets, entertainment, services and banking, and less on fashion and consumer products.
    It has already been the case. Only realizing it now? “Late” is an understatement.
  • Closing StoresMarks & Spencer, Zara, New Look, Celio etc.
    Brands like Uniqlo and H&M are doing quite the opposite. Once again, it is a matter of where?
Threat Of Shopping Online
The impact of online shopping cannot be neglected, and the direct impact falls on retailers whose products and services can be easily replicated online. It is not difficult to notice that changing tenant mix of malls in recent years.
Based on my memories, the most adversely impact retailers include those dealing with music and video (remember CD shops? Poh Kim DVD?). The deadly combination of online shopping and high-speed internet literally killed them off.